More than 9000 students have donned gowns, held instruments, and dissected anatomical tissue in a Kids in Medicine & Science program - these students, with this exposure can now IMAGINE themselves as the next physician, scientist or engineer ....   Their lives have changed because of our program.  These students are the next generation of STEM professionals. 

Our mission is simple: EXPOSE. HOOK. MENTOR.™

EXPOSE elementary students to the world of science and medicine
HOOK middle school students
MENTOR high school students as they move into the next phase of their academic lives


Each program includes our "Learning ARC" across the STEAM spectrum:

Authentic lab experience
Relevant experience for students
Careers - connecting student's passion to STEM

  • Challenging, authentic hands-on learning
  • A connection between student interest and STEM or STEAM careers
  • Curricula developed in collaboration with students, teachers and the scientific community
  • Trust, respect and a culture of empowering students
  • An enduring impact on a student's academic life

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Number of Districts - 30

Number of Schools - 73

Total Students - 9,053

Expose - 5,194 [Elementary]

Hook - 3,621 [Middle]

Mentor - 467 [High School]


Learning …  as it relates to the new common core and NGSS.

Attitude …  toward learning science and intellectual curiosity about STEM careers.

Investment … in their own health and well being.

Memberships & Affiliates

Shoreline Community College

Lake Washington Girls Middle School

National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP)