Forensic Anthropology Labs

Forensic Anthropology

3 labs are available for purchase together or separately

KIMSeattle introduces Forensic Anthropology, the second in a series of Career-Connected Classroom™ education kits. Based on a historical forensic crime, this innovative set merges physical anthropology (osteology& skeletal interpretation) and archeology for a captivating interdisciplinary approach to exploring forensic anthropology. Based on the assassination of the “Last Czar of Russia” and his family (the Romanovs), this curriculum appeals to student imagination and intellect while crossing subject boundaries into world history/social studies. This scenario-based learning lab lends awareness to a multitude of anthropology- related careers, not typically recognized by students.

This contemporary classroom kit includes:

  • High quality bone replicas from Bone Clones, Inc.
  • KIMSeattle’s signature ready-to-teach curriculum (Slide deck with notes, Teacher’s Guide, Student protocols, Data sheets, Reference Tables),
  • Sturdy osteometric board and calipers

ONLY BUY ONCE … everything is re-usable and built to last!

Geographic Ancestry
Identify and measure skull features to determine which skull belongs to the last Czar of Russia.
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Sex Estimation
Use bony landmarks and anatomical differences to distinguish male and female pelvises and skulls with trauma. Which skull belongs to Empress Alexandra?
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Stature Estimation
Using regression analysis, calculate height using long bones. Which member of the Imperial family do these bones belong to?
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Stature Estimation
Three labs including:

  • Geographic Ancestry
  • Sex Estimation
  • Stature Estimation


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