Forensic Facial Reconstruction (Classroom, 8 Station Kit)


KIMSeattle introduces Facial Reconstruction, the first in a series of Career-Connected Classroom™ education kits.  In this authentic laboratory, students take on a career role at the intersection of art and science while being exposed to a myriad of related occupations.  This highly detailed kit is based on the engaging recent real-life discovery of King Richard III’s remains.  Students put a “face on history” while learning cranial anatomy (bones, craniometric landmarks, facial muscles, facial structures), and more.

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This contemporary classroom kit includes:

  • full-scale models,
  • professional grade supplies,
  • ready-to-teach curriculum (slide deck with notes, teacher’s Guide, Student protocols),
  • ONLY BUY ONCE … everything is re-usable, storage containers included!

Authentic * Relevant * Career-Connected™


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