Forensic Facial Reconstruction

Career-Connected Classroom™ – Forensic Facial Reconstruction

This two hour lab is based on the fascinating recent real-life discovery of King Richard III’s’ remains. Students put a “face on history” while learning craniofacial anatomy & physiology, and develop an understanding of how forensic facial reconstruction aids in the identification of skeletal remains of missing persons or archaeological discoveries. Students will take on the cooperative roles of forensic artists/sculptors and paleo-anthropologists, exposing them to careers at the intersection of art and science using full-scale models and professional grade materials.

Being NGSS and NCSS (National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies) aligned, there are multiple points of entry for teaching this lab, including: anatomy & physiology, forensic science, AP Bio (ex. evolution or anthropology), art, world history, social studies and more.

This module is offered as a field trip to our laboratory, or as outreach to your school. The program is appropriate for upper middle school – high school.


Didactic lesson, including scenario, history of facial reconstruction and craniofacial anatomy
Placement of tissue depth markers at critical bony landmarks
Placement/sculpting of facial muscles and parotid glands
Full reconstruction with realistic detail




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