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Celebrate STEM fields through multi-faced programs that are lively and fun, while maintaining content rich scientific integrity…

Heart Dissection

The Heart Module is KIMSeattle’s most popular and long-standing program. This module is offered as a three-hour field trip to our laboratory, or can be done as outreach in a classroom

Forensic Anthropology

KIMSeattle’s Forensic Anthropology module weaves historical events with science for an interdisciplinary approach to solving forensic mysteries.

Forensic Facial Reconstruction

Students will develop an understanding of how facial reconstruction can aid in the identification of skeletal remains of missing persons or archaeological discoveries.

Drug Heist

The Drug Heist module is an engaging introduction to forensic science. Sifting through interviews, surveillance clips, and evidence based on lab work – students collaborate to “solve” the crime.

B3: Birth, Babies & Biotech

The B3 program is unique to KIMSeattle. Students each deliver a baby using high-fidelity medical training human simulators and then provide emergent neonatal care.

Anatomy of Movement

This program provides hands-on mastery of structure-function by having students sculpt the shoulder, knee and ankle muscle groups in clay on individual skeletal models.

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Celebrating STEM fields through multifaceted programs that are lively and fun, while maintaining content-rich scientific integrity.